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About Dandelion Networks

isometric illustration consisting of 4 panels each with a series of buildings connected by a lattice network system. one of the panels is coloured green, while the others are blue.

Dandelion Networks is a private company based in Toronto, Canada.  Focused on customer value, we strive to deliver on excellence through our innovative and patented decentralized platform.  With its mission to make an operationally scalable network for both transactions and smart-contracts, Dandelion handles all high speed and high throughput transactions to the highest reliability and security standards. Across a wide variety of sectors, such as financial services, gaming, and supply chain, Dandelion manages all your user accounts and internal economics seamlessly, globally and scalably, outperforming all other distributed ledger technologies.

About Dandelion Advisory

isometric illustration consisting of 3 panels each with a series of buildings connected by a lattice network system, except for a circled green panel at the front with a variety of working professionals user testing the Dandelion Network.

Dandelion Advisory is a new venture that helps dApp developers build, run and manage their solutions, creating value for their customers and themselves. This technology and business focused group, can also help migrate your existing business solutions to the Dandelion Platform.  Included in this service package, is the creation of business cases to help justify the move. Contact Dandelion Advisory to learn more about the services it provides to help you realize the benefits of running on the Dandelion Network.

Community Partners

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“This is like relativity for Fintech.”
Rob Baldassare
MaRS-DD National Fintech Advisor
“This could be a game-changer.”
Ken Gracevich
CFV Ventures