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isometric illustration consisting of 4 panels each with a series of buildings connected by a lattice network system. one of the panels is coloured green, while the others are blue.

Dandelion is an open, scalable, fast and secure platform for decentralized applications.  Designed for developers across business and consumer solutions, Dandelion’s Web3 platform transfers at “ludicrous speed” with best-in-class security and operating costs. For Fintech, Healthcare, Gaming, and global Supply Chains, Dandelion meets and exceeds current demands to provide the most scalable future growth.

Dandelion Web3 Platform

Blockchain Finalization
illustration showing centralized cryptocurrency network structure, with all lines connecting to central sphere
DAndelion's Finalization
illustration showing decentralized cryptocurrency network structure, with all lines connecting to separate spheres

Dandelion Outperforms

isometric illustration with 3 separate panels, each containing multiple buildings in different sizes all connected by a lattice network system

Dandelion outperforms all other platforms.* Unlike other platforms, Dandelion maintains its decentralization as its network grows. Through the combination of its unique parallel processing and transfer protocol, the network processes and finalizes globally in under 2 seconds, and at a fraction of the costs of all other distributed ledgers.* All of this is achieved while maintaining the highest-grade security, tested and designed by market experts.

*As far as we know

Built for Innovation

Designed by innovators for innovators, Dandelion’s platform is robust and easy to use, incorporating the latest and most advanced Web3 tools. Dandelion maintains security and decentralization across both public and permissioned networks, providing seamless interoperation between the two.

isometric illustration consisting of 5 panels each with a series of buildings connected by a lattice network system. The two smaller panels at the front contain two options with placeholder dollar amounts.

Issues with most other contract tools


isometric illustration with 3 separate panels, the rear panel being the largest and containing multiple phones at different positions, along with a desktop with an infographic chart trending upwards. The two smaller panels contain a series of buildings all connected by a lattice network system.

Launched in early 2022, our platform has been rigorously tested. Our forthcoming mainnet launch and smart contract functionality will provide our developer community libraries and resources to launch future dApp projects on a truly ubiquitous network. Come build today on tomorrow’s network.

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portrait of Alex Munro, Chief Executive Officer at Dandelion
Alex Munro
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portrait of Paul Chafe, Chief Security Officer at Dandelion
Paul Chafe
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portrait of Doctor Atefeh Mashatan, Cryptography Advisor at Dandelion
Dr. Atefeh Mashatan
Cryptography Advisor
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portrait of Duncan Cameron, head of IR and business development at Dandelion
Duncan Cameron
IR • Business Development
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portrait of Roger Singh, head of parallel computing at Dandelion
Roger Singh
Parallel Computing
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portrait of Doctor Mario Grech, head of partnerships and pilots at Dandelion
Dr. Mario Grech
Partnerships & Pilots
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Illustrative dApp that
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Dandelion's tap-and-pay app provides peer-to-peer transactions, for fractions of a penny, complete in seconds with bullet-proof security, and without intermediaries.

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